New classes are offered each week and are uniquely structured around a monthly theme. Whether you are interested in dropping in for a single class or it is your desire to become an elite Chef, each class focuses on true culinary techniques where teachers guide their students through original YCA recipes ~ all created exclusively for Young Chefs Academy by our own certified chefs.  Become a Young Chefs Academy MEMBER to get even more out of attending our weekly classes.  Visit our Membership & MasterChef page for more details.

See our weekly class schedule below to find the right class for your young chef and register today!

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JUNE 2017 - Summer Road Trip: Summertime Hot Spots We call "shotgun" for the front seat on this summer road trip!  From the salty air of the Boardwalk to the green grass of summer festivals, our taste buds are going on a culinary expedition.
JULY 2017 - At home with YCA:
From Farm to Table
Join us for a farm-to-table experience that celebrates and reconnects us with the origins of delicious, home-grown ingredients.  See You At The Table!


Class Type Age Range*  Class Duration Non-Member Member*
KinderCooks Ages 3 - 6
 60 minutes - 2x/mo. $35/class $50/Month
JuniorChefs Ages 7 - 10  90 minutes $35/class $99/Month
SeniorChefs Ages 10 - 18  90 minutes $35/class $99/Month

***Ask about our sibling discounts***

Call us to find out how you can save on weekly classes and take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a Young Chefs Academy Chefs Club Member! Not only do members get great incentives and discounts, they also participate in our MasterChef Program where they will earn patches to proudly display on their uniform and begin their journey to earning the elite YCA Black MasterChef Jacket.

* Members save on average over $40.00 per month as a Chefs Club Member.
* Memberships may be subject to a one-time registration and/or uniform fee.
* Age range for class types is used as an initial guide for class placement however age may vary within classes based on experience, skill, or other unrelated factors.
* Classes are scheduled based on interest and availability and are subject to rescheduling or cancellation due to low enrollment and/or participation.